Nutrigenomix is a University of Toronto spinoff biotechnology company using state-of-the-art testing procedures to analyze the DNA from a saliva sample.

Through this genetic testing, your healthcare provider can help you with personalized nutrition advice and physical activity recommendations tailored to your DNA; responding to key components of your diet as well as your body type to optimize your exercise routine. Your test results are presented in a customized report, which includes dietary and physical activity recommendations based on your individual genetic profile.

New 45 Gene Test for Nutrition and Health

Nutrigenomix new 45 gene test can now determine how your genes can influence recommendations related to weight management, body composition, nutrient metabolism, cardio metabolic health, food intolerance, eating habits, fitness and performance and injury risk.  Based on these tests, a series of nutrition and fitness recommendations are developed that are aligned with your genetic profile.

Testing includes genetic predisposition to key vitamin and mineral deficiencies and toxicities as well as the effects of caffeine, sodium, saturated fat, Omega 3s, and whole grains on risks for diabetes and heart disease. Dietary recommendations based on genetic results for most effective weight loss and genetic preferences toward fat, sugar and eating between meals.

The test also includes:

  • Risk for gluten intolerance and the ability to digest starch.
  • Risk for lactose intolerance.
  • Genetic insight into measurements for exercise motivation and behaviour, strength and endurance

$399.00 + TAX


(Includes the original 7 genes health test + the 6 HLA markers for gluten intolerance + 32 additional genetic markers)

Digital copy included.

Add $20.00 if you request a hard copy of results

$249.00 + TAX


(Must have already completed a 7 gene, gluten or combo test)

Digitial copy included.

Add $20.00 if you request a hard copy of results






  • A 15 minute initial session to collect your saliva sample and a brief introduction to the program (This only applies to new clients. For existing clients, your saliva sample is already on file)
  • A 30 minute follow up session to review the test results
  • Digital copy of results

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