Want to be healthy and eat healthy? For over 25 years now, Hélène has been helping people to eat as healthy as their lives will allow. Let’s face it, our lives are all very busy and complicated.

Hélène is a Registered Dietitian in Ottawa. She has a clinic where she coaches individual clients and she also engages in many media appearances on television, in radio, in print and on social media. She uses media as a vehicle to share her expertise on food, health & nutrition. You can YouTube or Google Hélène to see her in action.

She is a national & international speaker specializing in helping people eat better to feel better at work, rest and play. She creates a vision of health to steer them toward nutrition goals. Her health motto is simple: Eat as close to the farm as possible“.

She is a graduate of McGill University and is a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario, the Canadian Obesity Network, Diabetes Canada, Canadian Nutrition Society, Academy of Nutrition & Dietitics (USA) as well as the Dietitians of Canada, where she sat as a board member and continues to volunteer on various projects.


“Essentially, I hope to be recognized as a leader in health & lifestyle coaching, not only for my clients, but also to serve as a mentor for Registered Dietitians & Healthcare Professionals regarding healthy weight management strategies and effective medical nutrition therapies.”

Hélène Charlebois

Registered Dietitian, HC Nutrition

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